Can Remote Computer Repair Benefit Your Business?

Remote Support Can Make Business Easier One of the biggest tools in the arsenal of a smart IT service company is remote computer support. This involves having a customer install a program on their computer so that someone on the outside can work on their computer directly even without coming to the customer’s house. Here are a few reasons why this is advantageous.

Saves a Trip

The truth is, having a tech come out to your house is often extremely expensive. The costs for the same type of repair are often half or less if you don’t have to have someone come out to your house. But by using software on your computer such as that provided by Team Viewer, the techie doesn’t even have to come out to your house in order to solve the problem. He can just connect directly to your computer with the key you provide to him, and the one-time permission. Then he can look around your computer and figure out what the problem might be. As long as it’s not an external hardware problem, it should be fixable remotely. And if it is a hardware problem, the tech will likely be able to figure this out remotely as well. So then you can just bring the computer in only if it’s necessary, which saves the tech a trip.


Remote software like this really allows a well trained IT support technician to access your computer as if he had been in the room himself. There’s no real difference since he’s operating your computer the same way he’d operate any other computer with only minor differences.


Another advantage is that it’s possible to pair this software with mobile computing devices like phones or tablets so that you can use a touchscreen to explore problems even when you’re on the go. This is obviously quite useful for techs who may be doing other things at the time. It’s also useful for those who want to help out their friends and family when they have problems, but who don’t happen to be nearby to a traditional computer when the problem occurs. By merely pulling up a tablet or mobile phone, it’s possible for someone to help out their friends in a hurry, especially if it’s a quick fix. They can do so from the back of a taxi, during a break at work, in a train, or anywhere they are as long as they have an Internet connection to call on. This is practically the pinnacle of convenience in terms of remote repair.
This means that whether you use managed services for your company or whether you work for yourself, or whether you’re just someone who needs help from a different company or person, a remote option can help a lot.

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